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Choco Sheets® processing instructions

Printing on chocolate with KOPYFORM Choco Sheets® should be done “mirror image” (T-Shirt print) on the laminated part of the Choco Sheets® with print quality option set to “High”. Feed the sheets from the front loader of your printer.

Allow the printed sheets to dry at 20°C and a maximum humidity of less than 50%. If the humidity exceeds 50%, you must increase room temperature. Please make sure that the edible ink is absolutely dry before adding chocolate onto the Choco Sheets® (dark colors need to dry longer than light colors). The so-called “Fingernail Test” will provide reasonable certainty for completely dry ink.

Fingernail Test:

Print a small square of black edible ink in the corner of your Choco Sheet®. After the edible ink has dried, remove the edible ink by scratching the surface of the square with your fingernail. As soon as the edible ink will remove as shown in picture 2, it is completely dry and tempered chocolate can be added to the sheet.


(Image 1) Bad result, further drying necessary


(Image 2) Good result, chocolate can be applied


Please click Fingernail-Test to see a demonstration.

Place the Choco Sheet® on a wooden or plastic surface (do not use a marble top or steel surface) and apply tempered white chocolate. White chocolate should have a temperature of at least 31.5°C when applied to the Choco Sheet®.

Cool the chocolate at a temperature of 4°C - 8°C for about 15 minutes. As soon as the chocolate has solidified, it can be removed from the Choco Sheet®. If you have done everything correctly, your print will now have transferred to the chocolate.