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Photo cakes are extremely popular and sweet surprises. They are the highlight at any party.

Kopyform edible papers sheets are ideal for creating a personalised photo cake topper and are available in several qualities. All edible papers are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and are also kosher.

  • Fondant Paper

    Fondant Paper

    With Fondant Paper, excellent printing results can be obtained. The edible paper can be used on dry surfaces such as almond paste or Kopyform’s Arctic White® rolled fondant. Fresh cream, butter cream or frozen cake surfaces are not recommended.

    The edible Fondant Paper got a pleasant sugary taste and is 0.65 mm thick – slightly thicker than all other edible papers we offer. Professionals should have no problems using Fondant Paper in all commonly used Canon printer models.

    Fondant Paper is available in boxes in A4 format containing 20 sheets and A3 format containing 10 sheets. The shelf life of Fondant Paper is 18 months from the day of production.

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  • Decor Paper Plus

    Decor Paper Plus

    Decor Paper Plus from Kopyform got a pleasant sweet vanilla taste. It can be used on all cake surfaces, whipped cream included. Special precautions are necessary if applied to whipped cream and butter cream: Put a thin layer chocolate on the backside of the edible paper and put it on top of the cake.

    Kopyform offers Decor Paper Plus in two different sizes: A4 (210 x 297 mm) and A3 (420 x 297 mm). A box in size A4 contains 25 sheets whereas a box in size A3 contains 30 sheets (3 x 10 sheets).

    New: Decor Paper Plus is now available as precut-circles in two different sizes: 1 x 20cm diameter and 15 x 5cm diameter on an A4 sheet. 

    Decor Paper Plus has the advantage of being very thin (about 0.45 mm) and is easily fed into the printer. Our Decor Paper Plus paper has a shelf life of 24 months after the date of manufacturing.

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  • Wafer Paper

    Wafer Paper

    The edible Wafer Paper from Kopyform is extremely versatile. It should only be used on dry surfaces on photo cakes, such as on rolled fondant Arctic White® from Kopyform. Further uses are as edible labels, place cards, menu cards or on bread, rolls or pastries.

    Wafer Paper is very inexpensive and available in two qualities: standard (TP025) and premium (TP026). Both are available in A4 (210 x 297 mm), Premium is now available in A3 size as well. Standard Wafer paper has a thickness of about 0.35 mm, the premium quality (TP026) approx. 0.6 mm. Both qualities are obtainable in packs of 25 sheets. Shelf life is 24 months from the date of production.

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  • DecoRoyal® Icing Sheets

    DecoRoyal® Icing Sheets

    Kopyform offers DecoRoyal Icing Sheets only in A4 (approx. 210 x 297 mm). A box contains 20 sheets.

    DecoRoyal Icing Sheets got a thickness of approx. 0.4 mm and feed easily through all Canon printers. Our DecoRoyal Icing Sheets have a shelf life of 18 months from the date of manufacturing. Please store dry between 15 and 22°C.

    Icing Sheets can be used on most cake surfaces, whipped cream and butter cream included.

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