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Printers and cartridges with edible ink

Many CANON Printers can be used with our Edible Ink. Please click to see the printer listing.
Since printer manufacturers change models frequently  we recommend checking our printer list before purchasing your edible ink cartridges.

No. Our cartridges can only be used in Canon printers.

No. Residue ink in the print head may be harmful to your health. We recommend using a new printer exclusively for Edible Ink.

A set of edible ink cartridges should yield approximately 50-100 prints. This is an estimate and will vary with color intensity and sizes of the finished images.

No. Our edible ink cartridges can not be refilled. Kopyform’s Edible Ink cartridges are very inexpensive and do not justify the messy work of refilling. Edible Ink cartridges have a shelf life of 15 months after which the foam inside the cartridge has to be replaced. This, in term, requires a new cartridge.

  • TK072-TK075: 14 ml.
  • TK071: 26 ml.
  • TK112-TK115; TK 132-TK135: 10 ml.
  • TK111; TK131: 19 ml.
  • TK152-TK155; TK172-TK175: 11 ml.
  • TK151; TK171: 22 ml.

The printer will show a message that the new cartridge is not being accepted.

 You can transfer the chip from your old cartridge on the new cartridge. If you have problems with transfering the chip or the problem is not solved, please feel free to contact us at

A possible reason for a edible ink cartridge to stop printing even though the cartridge is still filled with ink is, that the ink flow from the ink chamber into the foam is not happening fast enough, causing the foam inside the cartridge to dry up and not release ink any more. This might occur if a large amount of identical pictures are printed without interruption. We suggest removing the rubber plug on top of the cartridge for a short moment to allow additional air into the cartridge. (Ensure that the ink outlet hole of the cartridge is sealed by tape or placed in the orange slide before removing the rubber plug.) The air will allow the foam to recover and suck ink again. The other solution will be to use a different cartridge and leave the malfunctioning cartridge for approximately 30 minutes outside the printer. We also recommend setting the resolution of your printer to “High”. It will take longer to print (which will help the foam to recover) but less color will be used and your prints will have a much better quality.

Print head malfunctions are usually manifested in what is refered to as “banding”. Banding is the presence of lines running left and right across the printed page. Banding is a result of Edible Ink clogging in the print head and restricting the flow of ink to the image. Please do a nozzle test in your printer settings. The nozzle test will show if a cleaning of the print head is necessary. Please check if the feed roll inside is soiled.
For a better print solution, select “Prevent paper abrasion” under the property section “Maintenance” and always print with high quality.

Please check whether your edible ink cartridge is still filled with ink. Otherwise please replace the cartridge. If your cartridge is still filled with ink please do a “Deep Clean” through the software of your printer or try to clean your print head manually. Please also check the answer under the following question: “My edible ink cartridge is still filled with ink but does not print anymore. What is the problem?”

We recommend printing your daily correspondence with Edible Ink or printing a test pattern of all colors (Black, Red, Yellow, and Blue) at least three times a week.  Avoid working with your printer close to a heat source.

Please click Tips and Tricks to receive useful information for cleaning your printer and other printing problems.

Wir empfehlen für jedes Esspapier einschließlich Choco Sheets die Druckereinstellung “Hoch” und das Papiermedium “Normalpapier”. Bei Problemen beim Papiereinzug empfehlen wir das Papiermedium “Umschlag”.

Möglicherweise ist der Farbüberschussbehälter Ihres Druckers voll. Nach einer bestimmten Anzahl von Druckkopfreinigungen verweigert der Drucker automatisch seinen Dienst und reagiert nicht mehr. Für viele ältere CANON-Druckermodelle gibt es inzwischen Möglichkeiten die „Sperre” aufzuheben, indem man den Drucker resettet.

Dies kann geschehen, wenn viele gleiche Bilder mit einer dominanten Farbe unmittelbar nacheinander gedruckt werden. Dann läuft die Tinte nicht schnell genug aus dem Nachfüllbehälter in den Schwamm der Lebensmittelpatrone. Der Schwamm trocknet aus. Entfernen Sie in diesem Fall den Gummistopfen am Einfüllloch der Lebensmittelpatrone kurzfristig. Dadurch gelangt Luft in die Lebensmittelpatrone und die Farbe kann problemlos in den Schwamm nachlaufen. Vergessen Sie bitte nicht, vorher die Farbausflussöffnung der Lebensmittelpatrone mit einem Klebestreifen o.ä. zu verschließen.

Sollte eine Lebensmittelpatrone beim Versand ausgelaufen sein, melden Sie sich bitte bei
 Es kann allerdings vorkommen, dass einige Tropfen Farbe beim Öffnen einer neuen Lebensmittelpatrone auslaufen. Dies ist technisch bedingt und hat keinen Einfluss auf die Funktion der Lebensmittelpatrone.



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