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Fondant Paper



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How do I set my printer for the use of Fondant Paper?

We suggest setting your printer at "High" resolution and adjust the printer-thickness-lever to thick paper or to a heavier weight print media (e.g. envelope). Leave a stack of regular paper behind Fondant Paper. This will avoid feeding problems.


Why does my printer not feed the Fondant Paper?

The slightly oversized backing paper reduces feeding problems in your printer.

1. Load a stack of regular paper behind Fondant Paper into the sheet feeder of your printer, or slide the Fondant Sheets into the manual feed slot and load one sheet at a time.

2. Flattening one end of the Fondant Sheets with a rolling pin also helps to avoid a misfeed or paper jam.

3. Avoid storing Fondant Paper at high temperatures as the sheets will become soft, causing them not to advance correctly or even result in poor quality prints (In this case we recommend storing the sheets in a refrigerator for a short time).

4. It can easily happen that the pickup rollers of your printer are covered with sugar deposits (after many prints on Fondantpaper) and will not feed Edible Paper anymore. Cleaning the pickup rollers can be done with a piece of cardboard in A4 size slightly sprayed with alcohol. Feed the cardboard into the sheet feeder and push the print button several times. Prevent the cardboard from being fed into the printer by holding it tightly. Rubbing against the cardboard will automatically clean the pickup rollers.


How long should a printed Fondant Sheets be allowed to dry?

A few minutes until the ink has completely dried. Only after the ink has completely dried you should remove the backing paper.


How do I remove the backing paper from the Fondant Paper?

Do not use a knife or any kind of other cutting device to peel the backing paper from the Fondant Paper. If the backing paper does not peel off easily, place the sheet in a dry freezer for about 10 seconds.


What type of frosting do you recommend with Fondant Paper?

Fondant Paper can be used on all kind of frostings except whipped cream and buttercream due to its high content of sugar. We recommend covering the cake with marzipan or Kopyform's Arctic White® rolled fondant before you add the printed Fondant Paper. Moisten the cake frosting slightly before adding the Fondant Paper to keep it in place. Some of our customers add a thin layer of chocolate or food varnish to the back of the Fondant Paper which allows them to put the sheets also on buttercream and fresh cream. We strongly recommend that you test your application thoroughly before you make a larger production.


I would like to put Fondant Paper on a dry cake frosting. What do you recommend?

To lock Fondant Paper in place moisten the cake frosting slightly with water. Since Fondant Paper consists mainly of sugar be careful with the amount of water you use.


Can I put Fondant Paper on fresh cream or buttercream?

No. Some of our customers are using white chocolate or food varnish to seal the back of the Fondant Paper while using it on fresh cream or buttercream. We recommend testing your application thoroughly before starting a larger production.


Can I put Fondant Paper on a frozen cake?

No. Condensation will destroy your printed image.


Can I freeze a cake with Fondant Paper?



How do I store my photo cake?

Any type of moisture should be avoided. If you like to store the cake for a longer time please use a dry cooler (e.g. truffle cooler). Do not store your photo cake in a cake box.


How can Fondant Paper be stored after printing?

If you like to store the printed Fondant Sheet for a longer time please use a dry cooler (e.g. truffle cooler). Any type of moisture should be avoided due to the high content of sugar in Fondant Sheets.


How should I store plain Fondant Paper?

Airtight, cool and dry.


Can I print on the Fondant Paper sheet without using the backing sheet?

Yes. We recommend, however, printing Fondant Paper with backing because it will reduce feeding problems in your printer.


Which size of Fondant Paper is available?

Fondant Paper is available in A4 size (210 x 297 mm)


How many Fondant Paper sheets are in a box?

20 sheets


What is the shelf life of the Fondant Paper?

18 months.


What are the ingredients of Fondant Paper?

Please click Ingredients to get the product specification.


What is the gauge/thickness of a Fondant Paper sheet?

Between 0.55 mm and 0.7 mm