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Edible Ink Cartridges from KOPYFORM for the new Canon printers

KOPYFORM has finally released edible ink cartridges for the new Canon multifunctional printers TS705, TS6150/TS6151, TS6250/TS6251, TR7550, TR8550 and the A3-models TS9550/TS9551C. 

Those cartridges are specified as PGI 580 / CLI 581 (Product code TK580) Order now


For ideal results KOPYFORM suggests the following printer settings:

1. Change the printer settings to the quality option “High” and the media type to “Standard”.

2. Under the property section “Maintenance”, use the setting “Prevent paper abrasion” for superior printing results.


If you have any questions concerning the new Canon models or any other inquiries please contact us at or dial +49 (0) 6233-770210