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New Regulation limits Food Color usage


The new COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No 232/2012 dated March 16, 2012 lowers the Acceptable Daily Intakes (ADI) on food additives for the following food colors:

  • - Quinoline Yellow (E 104) ADI for from 10 mg/kg bw*/day to 0.5 mg/kg bw/day
  • - Sunset Yellow FCF/Orange Yellow S (E 110) ADI from 2.5 to 1 mg/kg bw/day
  • - Ponceau 4R, Cochineal Red A (E 124) ADI from 4 mg/kg bw/day to 0.7 mg/kg bw/day  

The new regulation which will apply from June 1, 2013 limits the daily consumption of the above mentioned 3 inks. As only a very small quantity of ink is used for printing edible pictures the new regulation will not have any impact on KOPYFORM inks.

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*bw = Bodyweight which is approx. 75kg for an average adult person.