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New printer models from Canon: Cartridge-Series PGI580 / CLI581

Canon has released a number of new inkjet printer models that use a new generation of cartridges (PGI580 / CLI581). These new printer models include TS6150, TR7550 and TR8550, and their regional variants for the Middle East.

UPDATE: Please note that Kopyform cannot yet supply cartridges suitable for these new printers. We recommend to keep buying older generation printers, until approx. November/December 2018, when we expect to have the new cartridges in stock.

We suggest purchasing Canon models IP7250, MX925 or the A3 printer IX6850 which use our cartridge set TK150

Also recommended by Kopyform are printers from the previous Canon generation: TS5050, TS6050, MG5750 and MG6850, which use our cartridge set TK170