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With PayPal you can pay for items in a few easy clicks and get full protection for your purchases. You can make PayPal payments using your credit card, debit card, or bank account and your financial details are never seen by the seller. For registration see Direct payments to KOPYFORM can be made by using the email

Get your item faster  

Sellers usually only post to buyers once they get paid, so by cheque or postal order can delay delivery time. Pay instantly with PayPal to receive items faster.

1. You pay in a few clicks, without sharing any of your financial details

2. Seller sees funds instantly in their PayPal account and posts your item

3. You receive your item just days later

You don’t need to enter your bank or card details every time you pay, because PayPal remembers them for you. Simply select PayPal in the checkout and pay in a few clicks.

Safer payments

One of the safest things about PayPal is that your details are kept private and never shared with the seller. When you pay by cheque or even by card, you reveal your sort code, bank account or card number. Paying with PayPal means your seller only sees your email.