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Canon Printers

Tips for printing with Canon Printers

Poor printing results – Stripes (Banding)

1. Perform a print head test through the printer’s software. The print will show if the print head is clogged. Carry out a few cleaning cycles if necessary.

2. If you still have problems, remove the print head and put it for several hours into a mixture of hot water and alcohol. Edible ink is water soluble and the print head will probably work again. Do not use a brush to clean or a hairdryer to wipe off the print head.

3. Clogging of print heads is easily avoided if your printer is used daily. We suggest printing your correspondence with Edible Ink instead of industrial inks. Edible Inks do not fade. They are odorless, nontoxic and eco-friendly. Printing quality is superb.

4. Select “Prevent paper abrasion” under the property section “Maintenance”. Prints will take considerably longer but Banding and Traces of the transport wheels inside of the printer will be avoided.

Single colors do not print

If the ink chamber of your cartridge is empty, please change the cartridge. If the ink chamber is still full, put the cartridge into the orange slide or close the opening below the sponge with adhesive film. Remove the black rubber plug which seals the ink chamber and ink will flow into the sponge. Seal the opening with the rubber plug and put it into your printer.

Fundamental information

The sharpness and brilliance of the printout depends on the quality of the original and the scan. Printing with Edible Inks will not exactly result in the same printing quality obtained by regular inks. Edible Inks must conform to the sanitary regulations of the European Union.

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