Choco Sheets®

  • The Kopyform-Classic chocolate transfer sheet
  • Hand-made
  • Contains real cocoa butter

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Choco Sheets® from Kopyform are transparent plastic transfer sheets for printing onto chocolate. Kopyform Choco Sheets are the only transfer sheets with real cocoa butter.

Use Choco Sheets to print your logo, photo or message on chocolate candy, chocolate bars and petit fours.

Choco Sheets are available in A4 size and “Mini” (125 x 265 mm) for use in magnetic molds.

One pack contains 25 sheets.

An unopened pack Choco Sheets is best before 12 months (from the date of production). Store dry at 15 – 20 °C and Protect from direct sunlight!

Product specification

Processing Instructions


Corn flour, water, cocoa butter, glucose syrup, dried egg white (contains egg and lactose, consists of chicken egg white powder, skim milk powder, stabilizers E415, E466; acidity regulator E330, raising agent E500), thickener E1422, potato starch, olive oil, preservative E202.


contains lactose and egg