Europe’s leading manufacturer & wholesaler of edible inks, edible paper (sugar paper) & transfer sheets

Quality Edible Inks

The KOPYFORM edible paper (sugar paper) meets the highest quality standards and is versatile in use. Ideal for professional cake decorating and personalized photo cakes.

Premium Edible Paper

Manufactured and bottled in Germany, KOPYFORM edible inks are high-quality, vibrant, and suitable for all varieties of edible printing.

Established with four decades of experience, KOPYFORM is a distinguished B2B wholesaler offering premier support and tailored conditions to meet your business needs.

Our B2B services encompass:

Global Reach

Facilitating worldwide shipping to ensure seamless accessibility to our products.

Competitive Wholesale Pricing

Presenting attractive and competitive wholesale prices to enhance your business profitability.

Customization Expertise

Providing highly customizable products to meet the unique specifications of your clientele and business requirements.

Partner with us to experience the reliability that comes with over 40 years of experience in the B2B wholesale industry.

Let’s discuss how KOPYFORM GmbH can elevate your brand with our edible printing solutions!

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About Us

KOPYFORM GmbH has been a trusted name in the cake decorating industry since 1982. From our roots in the marzipan, sugar and chocolate figures market, we became the leading supplier of edible inks and papers for picture cakes and chocolate printing. Today, we proudly serve customers all around the globe with uncompromising quality and dedication to excellent customer service.