Printer list for our Canon-compatible Edible Ink Cartridges

All cartridges from KOPYFORM are filled with edible ink. Since Inkjet printers are not specifically designed to work with edible inks we cannot guarantee the trouble-free performance of the printer. Our warranty does not cover any damage caused to the printer due to the use of the inks.

KOPYFORM is not able to test all available printers. Instead, we must rely on information given by the manufacturers. No responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information. More printer information is available at the website

For Epson printers, we currently only offer bottled ink ( no cartridges), which you can use to fill Epson printers of the “Ecotank” series. We offer edible ink for Epson in 100ml and 1000ml containers. Contact us for a non-binding offer.

We do not offer any edible inks specially made for “HP” printers. However, using our inks for “Canon” printers, very good results can be achieved even in “HP” brand printers, if you can fill HP brand cartridges or HP compatible cartridges yourself. “HP” and “Epson” printers use the same printing technology (bubble-jet technology), therefore the requirements for printing with edible inks are similar.

For printers of the brands “Brother” and “Lexmark” we currently do not offer edible inks either. However, our customers have successfully used our regular edible inks for “Canon” or “Epson” printers with good results.