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Edible ink cartridges PGI-520 / CLI-521

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  • Production of the ink and filling in Germany
  • Shelf life: approx. 20 months from purchase (24 months from production date)
  • This product is vegan and gluten free
  • Not suitable for refilling

Food-grade ink from Kopyform has been specially developed for use in Canon printers.

Color prints on edible paper with Kopyform food inks are characterized by intense colors and an extraordinary brilliance and print resolution.

KOPYFORM Food Cartridges are available in black wide, yellow, magenta, cyan and black narrow.

In unopened condition and when stored in a dry place at 18 – 22 °C, food cartridges have a shelf life of 24 months (from date of production). Protect from solar radiation!

Food cartridges are filled by KOPYFORM in Germany with food grade ink from our own production.