Maintenance Cartridges PGI-550 / CLI-551 (RP550)

  • Special cleaning liquid for flushing your print head
  • No edible ink!
  • Perfect for longer print breaks
  • Made in Germany
  • best before 24 months from date of production
  • not suitable for cleaning already clogged print head nozzles

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Maintenance cartridges for preventing clogged printer nozzles. No edible ink!

Kopyform cleaning liquid has specifically been developed for the maintenance and preservation of Canon print heads.

Use maintenance cartridges for preventing clogging of your print head nozzles during print breaks.

Print on standard paper until no ink remains visible on the sheet. Let cartridges stay in your Canon printer until the next print with edible inks.

Unopened edible ink cartridges are best before 24 months (from date of production). Store dry at 18 – 22 °C. Protect from direct sunlight!

Maintenance cartridges by Kopyform are manufactured and filled in Germany.

Product specification


Water, humectant E1520, E422; coloring E133, acidity regulator E330